Being prepared for a power outage is often overlooked.  Yet, emergencies like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, civil unrest and cyber attacks can all take out our power grid and the consequences can be deadly.
Solar electric power is useful to anyone, anywhere and any investment you make in solar power pays for itself.
Solar is the best choices you can make for personal safety.  Life without electricity is more than just an inconvenience, it can be a matter of life and death.  With any of our SolNbox or PowerBox units you never need to find fuel or equipment to provide your essential emergency electric power.
To save money AND be prepared for unexpected power outages get yourself one of our affordable, simple, PowerBox or SolNbox models.  Alternately, build your own with our FREE downloadable instruction guide. 
  • No rooftop installation necessary
  • No grid tie electrical components needed
  • No contractor/electrician installation required.
Now lets be sensible. These units are not going to power your entire house. They won't do refrigeration or air conditioning. Yet, I'll bet you use lights, laptops, cellphones, radios, tv's and suchThose things will work just fine.


Our PowerBox Solar Generator System are our value based lined of personal electric power units.  Each model provides electrical power indoors or outdoors and derives its clean energy from sunlight.  This solar electric power system is a must have for personal safety during the unthinkable.

We offer three models of PowerBox.  All are in stock and ready to be shipped.  Choose the model that best fits your needs and order today. 


Solar Vault

A solar panel with energy reserve system built-in. 

Our newest product  harvests sunshine and stores it within the confines  identical to the actual solar panel dimensions.  There, we've added high power, long life, energy storage and control circuitry.  It's the "vault" that holds sunshine for later use.

The unit is designed with two banana connectors that you simply attach your wire to and run to your desired use location. 

You can directly connect a 12 volt LED light rope or bar and you're ready to release the illumination of the sun from your solar vault or attach a power converter to use that solar harvest as household electrical current to power TV's, computers and much more. 

All-IN-ONE SolNbox

Our fully self contained solar power unit is called a SolNbox. Put this all-in-one unit in the sun to charge and then use it indoors or outdoors, day or night!   Free, clean energy on demand !

Once again, this solar electric power system is a must have for unexpected power interruptions and it pays for itself with each use, emergency or not!

SolNbox All-In-One is our most powerful unit. It provides the most power for the longest time without recharge.