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[it how long is OK to eat urgent prophylactic it how long is OK to wanted child _ to eat urgent prophylactic want the child] -

The lady has take the state that has fed prophylactic, had better conceive the child quite in the ability after large half an 建筑模板尺寸规格BQyear, because the side-effect of medicines and chemical reagents can affect health of body and mind,the key is, return the character that can continue to affect egg cell, promote deformation fetal generation, the contraceptive method that because this lady is wanting to do well usually,concerns, had better not take casually surely feed prophylactic, and take feed prophylactic to be able to be not exceeded 1 year 3 times. The how long after eating prophylactic can conceive the childThe contraceptive method that there is a lot of in daily life chooses for we all, be like the birth control inside palace annulus or be it is to take pr工程建筑模板厂DSophyla海子木业IKctic, and urgent use contraceptive inside contained a lot of types again, different urgent use contraceptive taking the means when feeding to have each different, but finally is the practical effect that had contraceptive measure completely, but it is medicine 3 minutes the harm that poison says it is certain to can appear to human body so, wanting again also can not need immediately when the child, want to understand prophylactic to be able to have the effect that oviposit period checks, say to be aimed at so be pregnant the effect that can have contraceptive measure, but eat much be aimed at oviposit period to be able to appear later influence, and even it is the birth function that can affect itself, if eat prophylactic later, want to be pregnant again word, the large half an year such as best need wants again later between the of fluctuation, efficacy of a drug is similar at that time basically disappeared already, th 建筑模板e state of oviposit period also repair everything is normal, pregnant taking is successful probability also is met relatively tall. The webbing in natural prophylactic had a lot of growth hormone, if efficacy of a drug did not have subsidise to be pregnant,get a wo[......]

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[red jujube wraps walnutmeat] - of effect of _ action _

The snacks food that a lot of friend are aimed at a few health now is ten minutes of love, for example big jujube includes walnut pork, the big jujube that it is a big bead is dug go be being put into walnut flesh after the nucleus, the taste that has a in that way is a little sweet actually and crisp, and flavour also be to suit old and young particularly. Big jujube and walnutmeat both als建筑模板有哪些品种o are the profit that has a lot of to the body, because each friends also are,can take appropriately. Nutrient elementBig jujube lukewarm sex, pleasant, be good at lienal raise blood, peaceful heart calms the nerves, and can ease friction of gas of insomnia of anaemic, be perturbed, stomach wait for disease. And the nutrient element of big jujube is in evaporate or after boiling more can enough produce effect adequately reasonably, but euqally big jujube is contained of a lot of vitaminic with carbohydrate compound, it is not quite good also to dine too much. Walnutmeat can nourishing courage and uprightness, filling kidney fills lung of essence of life, embellish to relieve a cough expectorant, but walnutmeat is adipose rate is high, unfavorable also and daily dine too much. ClassifyWhat machine craft according to its is different can divide Cheng Chuntian like that kind machine with production kind, pure natural kind of key kind eye is: Choose big jujube and walnut flesh to produce treatment to become finished products instantly, do not contain preservative, without additive, the tenability between most falls 1 year in sealing environment. Production machines kind: Craft adds fluid Zuo or choosing fair treatment is other take antiseptic to wait, maintain long-term sweet crisp delicate and goluptious, storage life can be as long as 2 yearsAccording to dimension key cent becomes big jujube to place walnut and small jujube to place walnut, the raw material that chooses big jujube is different, taste is different also, the taste character of walnut of big jujub[......]

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