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Wen Zaiyin's couple goes to Korea to make the same score prosperous and other places to rest summer vacation strung allows to come first

Service of p 建筑模板rovide for the aged of attention sp装配式建筑模板ring city mak工程模板GDes happy and senile living

The net austr高层模板FDal Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such pc木工模板是什么 建筑模板材质KJas to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontBAa模板规格l sta覆 建筑模板膜板建筑模板UJte filling career of neat provide for the aged 新型剪力墙模板支撑is brief board, promotion provide for the建筑工地模板 aged 昌乐宗昌建筑模板厂is taken


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Lian Fei two days of uneasy sentiments spread day beauty flies " osprey " case the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly

Japanese defense saves message personage 9 days to say, the U.S. Army that be stationed in day disregards the opposition of Japanese government, already successive two days fly in Japanese churchyard osprey transport.

This month 5 days, transport of osprey of an U.S. Army drops around bank of Australian the East China Sea the sea, 3 person dies. The plane that because be stationed in the base between day of general of day U.S. Army,this accident frequency sends a large number of deploy, okinawa in the sky common osprey has flown, the uneasiness that this news causes NMSS-2020海子木业Okinawa people and object a mood.

[fly two days repeatedly]

Transport of a MV-22 osprey offsprings 5 days in Australia person Lanzhou Xiaoerwote drops near the bay the sea, 23 person is rescued, leatherneck of 3 United States dies. Morrow, beauty of Japanese government demand just stops transport plane of flying fish eagle temporarily in Japanese churchyard.

But according to Japan personage of defensive province message discloses, an osprey falls 7 days since the base between day of general of the U建筑施工模板批发.S. Army that be stationed in day; Two osprey take off 8 days from the base between general day, returned this base later on that day.

Magisterial Jian Yiwei confirms room of Japanese  建筑模板ministerial official 9 days, japanese government already asked the United States just stops transport plane of flying fish eagle in the round in Japanese churchyard truly.

Not only the requirement that Japanese administration just conveys osprey of grounding of aircraft to the United States, okinawa county government just also conveys protest 8 days to the United States. However, be stationed in the Okinawa county that protest comes to before highest and magisterial Laolunsinikeersen tells Okinawa U.S. Army 8 days deputy Fu Chuancheng knowing a thing fierce, osprey flies in the whole world is (the United States) the guiding principle of the army, reject demand of grounding of aircraft clearly.

The bend[......]

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In where and beautiful state-owned what does Guam concern? What strategy sense does Guam have to the United States?

Login register Guam of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian what to there is to concern? What strategy sense does Guam have to the United States? Origin: ? Salary  ?2017-08-11 08:52 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Data chart

These days international condition like a rising wind and scudding clouds, push American Guam to where the wind and the waves are highest again, small today make up take everybody to gather up isle of this Pacific Ocean, it is so important to have a look at the Guam that it is what.

Where is Guam? Does Guam have some of what?

Where does lens go out to lead quite tall Pacific Ocean isle to be in after all in this international news?

Guam stays alone over Yu Xitai smooth ocean (do not be in the United States like what a lot of people think backyard Caribbean, that is to close a tower that rub, have nothing to do with with Guam) , be a Mariana most Na Duan. According to small make up calculate linear distance with Baidu map, guam is southeast China direction, distance China Taiwan 2700 kilometers, be located in Philippine with connect a line Hawaiianly to go up, westing is Philippine 2200 kilometers, be apart from east Hawaiian 6000 kilometers. It is with bomber of American B-2 strategy exemple, take off 3 hours to be able to amount to Tokyo and Manila from Guam, 4 hours can go to Shanghai, 4 half hours can arrive smooth soil, strategic position is very significant.

Guam area is very small, show according to Guam government website, have 549 square kilometer only, be equivalent to half Chong Ming the island is so big. There is 162 thousand population on Guam, aborigines is to check Mo Luoren. Guam scenery is beautiful, rare typhoon, tourism develops, heaven of the freedom that be called.

So Guam and cling to does the other island such as li island, Maldives go vacationing d 建筑模板oes the ground have what to distinguish? The key depends on, guam the area of 1/3 is occupied by U.S. Army base, basically include an U.S. Army t[......]

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Day TV station uncovers netizen of day of 731 army crime oneself: More horrible than demon

Login register TV station of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network aus简易施工方案模板AMtral Fujian to uncover netizen of day of 731 army crime oneself: Return horrible origin: than demon? Salary  ?2017-08工程木模板AJ-15 08:42 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Late on August 13, japanese NHK TV station broadcasted first gear name is " of 731 ar 建筑模板my true " special program, took an audi潍坊九鼎木业ence to approach on this mankind history the most large-scale, most the bacterial battle of inhuman research center, the most very cruel Asia canto in history of s木模板生产厂家traight face World War II.

731 army are China the Japanese Invading Army pursues battle of biological warfare, bacterium d在建工程明细账模板HDuring the War of Resistance Against Japan the generation of the unit of secret war medical treatment that studies related research and human body experiment says, headquarters base is located in area of Harbin town one-storey house. The data shows, in many 3000 Chinese and Muscovite experiment with human body in 731 army bacterium, die.

731 army (picture origin: NHK video cut pursues)

This, NHK TV station was obtained from Russia former of 731 unit member admit one's guilt recording. These members are in mostly 1945 by capture of Russia Red Army, be locked up Siberia, in Habaluofusike judgement was accepted on the court.

The recording that is as long as 20 hours, recorded member of 731 army core in detail with in Russian capital punishment makes as experiment模板报价单al data, undertake bacterial enginery develops historical fact of the experiment. This among them, already those who close head of a department of Dong Junjun cure admit his guilt, also what enlist the surgeon of killing Chinese and Muscovite and soldier with one's own hands admit his guilt.

Up to now, we discover data of a few characters only, amount to 20 hours nowadays admit one's guilt recording, complete ground is reductive in those days the violenc工程报价模板e of 731 army, really commendable!

Be as long as 20 hours ad[......]

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Kasiteluo says Cuba already prepared the antagonism manner that faces the United States

Santiago of Cuba of Xinhua News Agency on January 1 report (reporter Zhu Wanjun) Laoerkasiteluo of the first secretary is attending Centr建筑模板的价格一览表al Committee of Cuba Communist Party 1 day Cuba revolution victory shows when 60建筑模板价格SF anniversary activity, cuba already prepared the antagonism manner that faces the United States to be taken to Gu Cai afresh.

January 1, 2019 is Cuba revolution victory 60 anniversary day, advocate the holy Yi humble of v/arc be on the throne of activity of field commemoratio新松模板股份有限公司n day at nort装配式建筑模板h of Cuba Santiago city heats up Ni Yagong grave to hold. Laoerkasiteluo restores in government of United States of the condemnation in the speech with ancient antagonism situation, state Cuba already had preparation to this, won't awe-stricken any menace, at the same time requirement Cuba people strengthens defence, farther serious ready-made, face the worst situation that the United States may create.

Laoerkasiteluo reiterates, although ancient beauty is put in difference, but the bil模板厂ASateral relationship that Cuba is willing to retain peace, esteem and mutual benefit with the United States.

He still reviews revolutionary course in the speech, a variety of challenges that since analytic revolution wins, Cuba place faces, support government of 工程施工模板Latin America left wing and leader.

This is Laoerkasiteluo leaves off this post from April 2018 after Cuba State Consul meets a chairman publish public discourse the 2 建筑模板nd times. On July 26, 2018, he attends Cuba in Santiago 726 uprise 山东富贵荣华木业有限公司ad 建筑模板dress when 65 anniversary activity.

On January 1, 1959, cuba revolution gains a victory, american government immediately is adopted to Cuba be hostile to policy. 1961, beautiful ancient discontinuity foreign relations. Second year, american president Kennedy allows to sign a d山东大发建筑模板有限公司ecree when, implement block of economy, finance and commercial embargo to Cuba正乔木业有限公司. 2014 year end, ancient beautiful two  建筑模板countries starts relation n[......]

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American congregation parliament will vote " without segregation wall expenditure " act allocating funds

Orgnaization of American government share closes to entered the 10th day on December 31, 2018, plan of partisans of congress Bou湖北建筑模板公司le democracy is new on January 3 a congressman assumes office to voted that day the act allocating funds of newest protocol, with period end government come to a standstill.

Nevertheless, this one act will not include the border of 5 billion dollar that American president Tangnadetelangpu asks to keep apart a wall to make pay. Senator of republic party membership reiterates, won't in senatorial poll support Telangpu signs the proposed law that becomes law impossibly.

[advantageous position of numerous cour 建筑模板tyard control is changed]

Media is conjectural, allocated funds on January 3 act votes after will becoming a the Democratic Party to control Boule, mix with republic party of Telangpu conflict first. United States Congress metaphase election is medium in November 2018, the the Democratic Party carries off from inside republic party hand Boule majority chair, republic party controls senate as before.

Boule message personage tells associated press the reporter, boule democracy partisans is two parts on the act cent that voted on January 3, it is to maintain firstly how to have entirely to land till,allocate funds on Feburary 8, namely 1.3 billion dollar is used at border security, the border of 5 billion dollar that does not include Telangpu to ask keeps apart a wall to make pay; It is to allocate funds secondly the branch that wall of segrega覆膜板厂家ADtion of accord of about 265 billion dollar has nothing to do, include Ministry of Agriculture, Home Office, Department of Transportation and judiciary, till have financial year,ended on September 30, 2019.

These two parts of act vote departure, in voting before partial c批发建筑模板AAlause is already prevenient among the江苏模板批发AJm, get republic party is approbated.

Edge United States and Mexican border build segregation wall i建筑施工模板安全技术规范s Telangpu to enter into an election contest view, h[......]

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Does the passenger hold a gun by air beautiful government " close " cause hidden trouble to aviation safety?

A passenger of American carries a gun, from Zun Zhiya city metropolis Atlanta passes airport security to check, take international scheduled flight, until arrive at Japanese capital Tokyo to just be handed over actively. Media of a few United States is alluded, the government closes to cause hidden trouble possibly to aviation safety.

The United States carries safe management board 13 days to be late in a statement confirm, this passenger carries firearms to poor in haing Ci on January 3 morning Er Atlanta International Airport passes Dejiekexun, board the plane smoothly. The airliner becomes field in Tokyo after the International Airport descends, this passenger tells unit staff actively, cooperate day to just execute the law branch.

The airline that amount to the United States says, be informed a passenger to expose to the sun oneself hold a gun, this operation business reports carriage safety management board instantly.

According to the version that carries safe management board, hold a gun board the plane the reason is to install check personnel to do not have program of comply wi聚星木业有限公司th standard, had made disciplinary action. Just, many people guess, government of correlation of the accident that install check closes.

When this installs leak hunting hole to happen, federally partial orgnaization closes enter the 2nd week, about 800 水利工程建筑模板thousand employee goes to work without firewood or be forced not to have firewood off, include employee of management board of about 51 thousand carriage safety. Safety of federation of administrator of the traffic in American sky, aviation checks the orgnaization such as staff union and analyst of not little aviation to make a statement, condemnation government closes cause a variety of consequence. Network of news of American cable television reports 建筑模板, at least 4 main airports en冠县鑫丰木业counter tide of sick leave of th 建筑模板e personnel that install check, total number is many.

Accor模板生产ding to carrying statement of safe man[......]

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Congo (gold) post of chairman of spell of alliance of blame of replace of presidential Qisaikedi

Occupy Afp 6 days to rep木工模板价格EDo工程报价模板rt, the blame alliance that day on opening ceremony of conference of the 34th head, congo (gold) presidential Qisaikedi replaces Lamafusa of south Africa president to hold the position of blame alliance new chairman装配式建筑模板BW of a spell, lieutenancy is a year.

According to the report, because craze of new coronal virus is right,wholesome service orgnaization of Africa and economy caused serious blow, qisaikedi will face 建筑模板 enormous challe费县常宇木业有限公司nge 清水模板尺寸规格EGinside lieutenancy. Except epidemic situation, african mainland sti潍坊荣雅木业有限公司ll is faced with at present include an Eth 建筑模板iopia to revive lar大模板工程指什龙泽木业有限公司么ge dams conflict, the Ethiopia raises conflict of case thunder city, and the other problem such as conflict of Central Africa republic remains to solve. (Zhou Lin of total stage reporter)

Origin无锡建筑模板公司al title: Congo鑫汇木业有限公司 ( 建筑模板gold) responsibility of post of chairman of spell of alliance of blame of replace of presidential Qisaikedi edits: Ceng Shaolin[......]

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