The United States is the sexiest sports daughter advocate sow pat naked according to obtain compensate 55 million dollar


The United States is the sexiest sports daughter advocate sow pat naked according to obtain compensate 55 million dollar

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Erin Andrews

Stage intermediary says, american Tennessee accept makes dimension Er co润鹏木业有限公司urt was aimed at famous sports on March 7 advocate sow Andrew silk (Erin Andrews) stole strike the table to make a court decision 2008, the hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers that asks the man that ta饰品点钻模板BIkes Andrew silk secretly and she stays compensates for 55 million dollar, rate is 51% with 49% . Andrew silk begs countervail formerly 75 million dollar.

Andrew silk ever won adult magazine " playboy " choose for the United States news of the sexiest sports advocate sow, ever held the post of reporter of sports channel ESPN, hold 装配式建筑设备模具ACa post in FOX sports channel at present, hold the position of TV program and star in all the collective compere of dance.

In September 2008, andrew silk stays the accept Xu Weier that is located in heart of Tian Z建筑工程施工周报模板EDhou model to compare Er hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (Nashville Marriott新型建筑模板) when, pat completely naked film to upload a network secretly from adjoining room especially by man Ba Rui, be browsed 17 million times. Andrew silk offers civil suit to Baruite and restaurant, baruitetan bear dog Andrew silk and shoot film secretly, 2010 be sentenced two years of half imprisonment.

After the court decision gives heat as a result, andrew silk and lawyer, family and member of a few jury are embraced, still help juror sign. She is pushed in the individual subsequently push especially civil say, be honoured very much to coming from the support of victim of world each district to feel, let her can stand up and let附近哪有建筑模板卖BM those bear the person of safe, security personnel and privacy owes everybody a responsibility.

The counsel for the defence that the hotel invites is elenctic on front courtyard, baruite should bear full responsibility, and rise from the change that goes up in the career after Andrew silk, show her to because this has event,was not sufferred serious and long-term pungent.

Nevertheless, andrew silk appeals to in the sob on the court, this incident appears ceaselessly in her lifetime, it is she is being pushed no matter go up especially

the received review that pushs article, somebody to publish, somebody pushs what film check scheme passes her special, even somebody is big to her on bleachers growl this thi建筑模板ng, let her feel very embarrassed with shame.

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