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Fiji encounters history on the strongest super storm already caused 17 people death


Fiji encounters history on the strongest super storm already caused 17 people death

According to central c建筑模板KJompany repor建筑腹膜板厂家KHt, the strongest super storm on experience history assaulted Fiji a few days ago, dead number already amou昆明建筑模板公司nted to 17 people, each country tourist in succession urgent withdraw.

Australia shows loving care for an organization (Care Australia) exp

resses, the o混凝土模板fficial of Fiji capital Su Wa confirms, the death toll adds 17 people from foregoing 6 people, and the number may be cli建筑用胶模板HFmbed continuously litre.

Detailed data of short工程建筑模板 duration of the victim cannot affirm. A lot of people inflict heavy losses on at sufferring to death western area, and 7 fishermans are in maritime break couplet.

新型建筑模板This the Southern Hemisphere history on the strongest intertropical cyclone destroys a lot of rooms to a九连环木业bandon, fundamental construction, among them out-of-the-way village be the first to be affected, calamity damage level is needed when the ability after communication restores is Anacreontic change. The dweller of full sweat from every pore sweat from every pore escapes to take

refugee in succession central stay.

In addition, na Di (after Nadi) airport shu建筑木方模板回咬合桩导墙模板出租收KJts 2 days, open afresh, the international tourist that stops because of calamity is grabbed in succession take flight leave a country or place


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