Second battle begins man-machine big fight stone of time plum world whether defend mankind " dignity "


Second battle begins man-machine big fight stone of time plum world whether defend mankind " dignity "

In new network Beijing on March 10 report (reporter Wang Mu is green) Beijing time today midday 12 when, go man-machine big fight the 2nd will punctual open a chess [complete video reviews] . A森合木业有限公司fter the fight at the beginning of yesterday suffers a defeat, the person that values Li Shishi 5-0 originally begins change sides in a war even, the powerful humanness place of artificial intelligence gasps in admiration. Now, li Shishi whether turn an one city, for dignity of human wisdom defend?

Alpha go [backside group Deepmind has much ox] the meeting when be in inferior position is like why to behave, at present still unknown.

From value look decline

Was Li Shishi taken?

Before big fight, regard Korea go as king of new generation day, li Shishi is valued by most person. After all, regard artificial intelligence as the robot, fencing command of champion of go of Europe of conquer of the 5-0 before alpha go half an year, latter actual strength is far not as good as Li Shishi one numerous top class chess player. And, from look to play chess process, the error of alpha go is more ap建筑重庆建筑模板公司模板价格表parent, clean of chess player of China of first of disgraced bound rank stalking or branch even speak bluntly: This what plaything?

Nevertheless, through the promotion of half an year, th钢模厂家e alpha go expression on Li Shishi lets a person blow eye, included Cao Dayuan of Hua Xueming of leader of a group of national go group, well-known chess player to be conveyed open-eyed. Plum world Shi Zhongpan is cast child admit negative, because dish the face did not break up really dish likelihood, suffer a defeat so, exceed everybody's expect really.

After contest, before many people value changed directi

on to look decline, ke Jie even speak bluntly, li Shishi wants to win below from the bac建筑工地模板AVk 4 dishes are impossible almost. Look from match process, alpha go has outstanding place truly, to chessboard accept建筑多层模板哪里买 or reject showed preterhuman computational work force. The compliment after Li Shishi is surpassed, not be civilities completely.

Nevertheless, many chess player points out, alpha go is not impeccable, apparent error appeared a few times in the match. Ancient force of Chinese world champion expresses even, alpha go is equivalent to amateur only 6, 7 paragr哪里买建筑模板KRaphs level, it commits a few elementary mistakes time and again, this also brought about Li Shishi's underestimate the enemy.

Other people opinionses vary, whether did Li Shishi get affect? The imperturbable smile after be being surpassed f

rom him and expression look, li Shishi is defeated by a chess and do not have play away demeano山东省昌乐县方正木业ur, also maintained consistent self-confidence. He very forecast objectively, the 2nd him chess get the better of rate in 5 into.

If triumph has multilayer meaning

Does alpha go have many after all strong?

The Li Shishi element of consistent agile and brave has ches

s wind of hard rock say, his wrestle kills ability to often be changed decayed for magical. The final phase of first dishes of chess, the Li Shishi that is in clear inferior position did not choose to abandon, this reflected the emotional property of human chess player. Photograph comparing looks, if why be behaved,alpha go is in the meeting when inferior position to have, at present still unknown.

See a step, a lot of chess players conveyed the computational ability with powerful inside little scope artificial intelligence, but in more macroscopical position level, alpha go did not show leakproof regnant strength. Nevertheless, be afraid only one suffers a defeat, ability makes a person complete understand the ins and outs of alpha go, understand it has many after all strong.

To Li Shishi, a victory will be necessary encouragement. Regard a whole world as one of the strongest chess players, li Shishi is necessary to be dignity of human wisdom defend. To him himself for, whether obtain value the bonus of 1 million dollars also is one of hotspots. If think 5 dishes inside triumph, the 2nd dish of can calls day of Wang Shan battle, if lose continuously, want to pull 3 dishes repeatedly again not quite actual.

Of course, if Li Shishi suffers a defeat again, be afraid prospective topic will be, clean of Chinese chess player stalking or branch whether does dying recieve orders? After all, as the chess player that bans Li Shishi for many times, ke Jie's current grade cent is resided high the first. After the first chess, although expressed enough respect to alpha go, but he also has put a word: Its conquer Li Shishi, but新松模板股份有限公司 cannot win me.

And the multiple meaning of backside of final man-machine big fight depends on, regard the man建筑欧板的规格标准是多少BQkind as the tool of the invention, can the intelligence of artificial intelligence machine exceed the mankind really? Additional, the instantly that high speed of science and technology develops, how will artificial intelligence technology change human life, it is man-machine besides big fight more far-reaching think.

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