Yemen meets with the world is the most serious and choleraic 1400 people die infection of doubt of 210 thousand person


Yemen meets with the world is the most serious and choleraic 1400 people die infection of doubt of 210 thousand person

Beijing of China New临沂珑坤木业有限公司s Service report is comprehensive on June 29 message: According to latest news of World Health Organization, come nearly two months, yemen alread

y had about 1400 people to die at cholera, doubt is like infection number to exceed 218 thousand. The world defends an organization to express, yemen is faced with建筑模板多少钱一块AE at present " the most serious choleraic epidemic situation on the world " .

The world prote建筑模板一般多少钱cts constituent total person in charge of something · Lei Ke published Anthony of executive director of old Feng Fu Zhen and United Nations Children's Fund Commission to state jointly recently say, mere two months time, choleraic epidemic situation spreads all over Yemen whole nation, and still be in with " the person that add 5000 doubt newly to be like infection everyday " the amount increases. Predict in August end, 是什么建筑模板ACyemen doubt is like infection cholera number to will be achieved 300 thousand.

The world defends constituent data to show, at present at least 7.6 million person is in Yemen epidemic disease area lives. In capital Sa that, stage of Ha Jie, carry on one's shoulder is amounted to wait for Hu Saiwu to hold

pilot north province, epidemic situation is most 高唐县众发木业有限公司serious.

Statement says, th建筑模块e chaos caused by war that is as long as two years brings about Yemen medical treat模板工程ment, water supply and wholesome system to break down thoroughly, cause about 14.5 million people unavailable cleanness uses water and food, cause cholera to spread quickly thereby.

Current, yemen has 19 million person to need humanitarian help about, occupy the 2/3 of total population. Exceed工程建筑模板 10 million person to face crop failure among them, more than 14.5 million person faces drinking water shortage.

Cholera is the infection of acute bowel path that causes by choleraic vibrio, the patient often appears the symptom such as vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydrate and high fever, serious illness and cure of incur loss through delay can cause death.

Express according to expert of United Nations Children's Fund Commission, below normal circumstance, cholera can prevent and cure rate is very high, but be damaged completely as a result of Yemen infrastructure, very difficult control the disease travels.

The deputy secretary-general that U.N. is in charge of humanitarian work and critical support coordinating Sidifen Aobulaien thinks, this Yemen cholera crisis is completely " cause artificially " , it is persistent chaos caused by war causes seri龙

泽木业有限公司ous epidemic situation.

In September 2014, yemen Hu Sa工程模板DSiwu installs capturing capital Sa that, hind area of occupational Yemen south, force presidential Hardy to head for a Saudi Arabia to take refugee. In March 2015, country of sanded special grade is aimed at Hu Saiwu outfit to initiate a military affairs to act, flames of war lasts all the time up to now.

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