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Does the passenger hold a gun by air beautiful government ” close ” cause hidden trouble to aviation safety?


Does the passenger hold a gun by air beautiful government ” close ” cause hidden trouble to aviation safety?

A passenger of American carries a gun, from Zun Zhiya city metropolis Atlanta passes airport security to check, take international scheduled flight, until arrive at Japanese capital Tokyo to just be handed over actively. Media of a few United States is alluded, the government closes to cause hidden trouble possibly to aviation safety.

The United States carries safe management board 13 days to be late in a statement confirm, this passenger carries firearms to poor in haing Ci on January 3 morning Er Atlanta International Airport passes Dejiekexun, board the plane smoothly. The airliner becomes field in Tokyo after the International Airport descends, this passenger tells unit staff actively, cooperate day to just execute the law branch.

The airline that amount to the United States says, be informed a passenger to expose to the sun oneself hold a gun, this operation business reports carriage safety management board instantly.

According to the version that carries safe management board, hold a gun board the plane the reason is to install check personnel to do not have program of comply wi聚星木业有限公司th standard, had made disciplinary action. Just, many people guess, government of correlation of the accident that install check closes.

When this installs leak hunting hole to happen, federally partial orgnaization closes enter the 2nd week, about 800 水利工程建筑模板thousand employee goes to work without firewood or be forced not to have firewood off, include employee of management board of about 51 thousand carriage safety. Safety of federation of administrator of the traffic in American sky, aviation checks the orgnaization such as staff union and analyst of not little aviation to make a statement, condemnation government closes cause a variety of consequence. Network of news of American cable television reports

, at least 4 main airports en冠县鑫丰木业counter tide of sick leave of th

e personnel that install check, total number is many.

Accor模板生产ding to carrying statement of safe management board, the discharged that install check holds a gun passenger t建筑模板十大品牌AWhat day, namely on January 3, rate of the absence from duty outside the pl建筑腹膜板厂家an of this one branch is 4.8% , and the corresponding

period was last year 6.3% . But statement emphasizes, the flaw that install check is not close be caused by, atlanta airport on guard installed the accident that day check employee number is norm山东永泰建筑模板厂al.

Although firm call a flight safety, carry safe management board 13 days to announce, the employee that rewards what do not send salary to still go to work the following day a day of firewood proposes a toast; Employee of on guard of holiday travel season will win 500 dollars money award.

Network of cable television news reports, even if government does not close, carry safe management board to install check to discover firearms is very demanding also. A deputy director general was transferred 2015, cause is what bring check job to 10 several airports is dark check discovery, explosive and weapon are passed al大型模板工程HFmost install check.临沂市古城木材市场 [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially] (Chen Dan)

Original title: Does the passenger hold a gun by air beautiful government ” close ” disaster and install check?缝纫模板 Responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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